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Monday, 2 January 2017

Update 1.1.17

Happy new year guys. I've been getting tortured a lot. The queen has claimed Ive sold her my body nets which I haven't and is sexually abusing me. She gave the uk a present as she put it on 27/12/16, she had me raped while the uk enjoyed the sensations from me, the rapist put a hand inside me, the U.K., all of them knew what was happening and what they were doing. They raped me with an animal on Boxing Day, I was told publicly. The queen was asked to take over my abuse to cover up the genocide by Teresa may. The queen is sexually obsessed, I've tuned into prince Phillip and Andrew wearing my nets, they are all low I'd rate and wear autistic nets. They have munchousen syndrome or whatever it is. My nose was pouring with thick snot from them exhausting my nervous system with sex abuse to my stolen nets. The royal family are perverts, they intend to say they were temporarily insane as a stratergy. The U.K. Is beyond repair. It's a failed state. They also obsess about abusing fuzz to get at me, trying to warp her mind with torture and programming, keep in mind she has done nothing wrong and has suffered for years like me,they are definately munchousen. Damion

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