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Monday, 3 October 2016

The bumbling Nazis warning

They just told me if I don't come up with results to hold the world off from stopping the genocide and getting justice they will damage my new temporal abilities. They mean it, it's really important for our future. Move ASAP if you can against them, don't fall for their ploy.

I've found out these guys are telling the world they are key to getting results out of me, this is a lie. I'm reassuring because they eased up on the experiments they do. The problem is people won't believe how stupid the idiots who call the shots in the uk are, they are easy to track down, they are where all the money and power is, I'm not sure if it's 'the families' that run mi6, I know it's Younger, mi6 said the families will kill me for writing that. They basically run Mi6.

MI6 have always said they want me to get out of this then die, they dislocated my spine last night a couple of inches below the shoulders, I could feel my spine in my chest. They seem to want to play games with my life.

A lot is going on, apparently the world is in uproar about my children being burnt alive, Im so glad people are showing they give a shit about my children. It helps a lot...we're not alone. 

I want to say thank you to anyone out there who is fighting this war with me, I don't feel alone like I once did. This war started off with just me by myself for such a long time, I'm glad there's others out there now, I don't feel so alone anymore. Everything changed around the start of 2012 I think it was, when I went to London to campaign, i went there and I stood outside the Guardian newspaper handing out leaflets on what the UK was doing to try get help. I handed out a leaflet to some people from the east. I didn't know at the time but this little piece of paper with a spelling mistake on was to change the world. I'll write about in my book someday in a chapter I think I'll call 'the guardian'. Maybe people in the east will tell this story from their point of view, I'd very much like to hear it, I'm sure so would many others. Ever since this happened thing have got better with there being more people out there fighting. The world needs to wake up. 
'Free minds, free thoughts, free us all'. Damion

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