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Thursday, 1 September 2016

The orbital inf-engine; Congratulations Russia

I thought I'd put an idea up again as I've heard some good news recently, it's to do with that...

I hear congratulations are in order- Russia built a functional orbital inf-engine... 
And they got her into orbit^^. Congratulations guys! I wish I was there to watch. Have a vodka for me :-) I'm honoured to help on such a project, I hope it leads to many more. /smiles. For those new to my blog an inf-engine is an idea I came up with for an engine that runs on air from the atmosphere. I've heard An interesting fact about the inf engine for my readers; that it actually repairs the environment when it is running, I guess depending on which elements of air it is running on, so it's about as green as you can get. My atmospspheric zone idea...

There are zones in the atmosphere above the ozone- the nitrozone, a layer of nitrogen. The hydrozone, a layer of hydrogen and the heliozone, a layer of helium in high earth orbit.

The inf-engine can use air and these layers as fuel to get into orbit. I came up with this idea wondering where helium actually goes to when it escapes, then I wondered about other lighter than air gasses. I figured they settled above air in the atmosphere like layers settle in those exotic cocktails do. I still feel too ill for my work but I've managed a post. Damion

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