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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Combating Programming and other psychiatric ideas

Here's my work on programming for the world to use. People need to watch their back against MI6 ect, they are planning a counter offensive. Beware of them using my work to monkey about with good programs. They are trying to get me to do work for them. They are trying to convince me they are the good guys lol. I've tried to limit my work to helping a programmed liberated MI5 girl and trying to combat this programming problem for the world I've recently come into contact with. I did nearly stumble on some new warp field ideas though, I'm getting close to anti matter I feel. I'm starting to worry about my work now with warp fields, extreme caution is recommended and working together. These things can either push us all apart or the entire planet closer together, lets head the right direction. Common cause will end all wars. By the way...I'm feeling a bit better ;-) I really could use 'out' about now, would be good timing. Your resident problem solver- Damion

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