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Monday, 1 August 2016

We need to work together

I made the mistake of trusting my government with the work I recently put online. I think it was a plan to turn the world against me making me out to be irresponsible. They said people cannot get their warp cores going fast enough to be dangerous and my information would leak anyway like it did last time I was worried about the consequences of my work. I never thought they would be so irrisponsible just to make me look bad.

We should look at this as an opportunity, a catalyst to stimulate is all working together. Over the next century were going to develop so many ways to destroy ourselves, it's so important we start working together, it really is. I'll have a think to this ends.

I should really be working for the UN guys, can't we make this happens somehow. If not can the appropriate countries/organisations come and meet me regularly so I have a line of communications other than just my blog. I could use being pulled out about now if this can be made happen. Damion

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