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Friday, 26 August 2016

The C-locker mass production ideas

I've been told we have a problem. World wide production of the Cancer lock drug will nowhere near meet demand. I've been trying to solve this problem...

Large lab ideas- We need an air tight facility, look at ones that already exist.

Something underground I imagine could be easily converted

Make our environment sterile with some kind of polymer if your using a bunker

Adapting what's at hand- Use machinery from the catering industry in our factory to make our drug on mass, I imagine the machines in the catering industrycan be air tight, it must mix the drug gently and st the right temperature and there may be some other necessary modifications but I'm sure it's possible.
Modify a swimming pool to be sterile and install large mixers and we could make our drug by the swimming pool full. Adding alcohol and or antibiotics to our drug to ensure it remains sterile as a precaution, proteins can tolerate both I think

Divide labour- get whatever steps of production that can be done outside a lab done outside the lab and fit your lab to specialise in what 'needs' to be done there.

Refit- Refit existing labs that arnt doing essential work, maybe even draft in labs from other areas.

Important* project leader- Get a pharmaceutical expert to lead planning on this project and give the thumbs up or down to all ideas 

Think tank- Send out our drug sortage problem to leading professors and use them as a think tank or sorts for other solutions

I'll keep thinking of ideas. Damion

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