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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Fighting Nazis- my sparring technique

This is one of my techniques for developing abilities, I'm not sure if I've written this before, its quite important. Its my way of putting Nazis out of business by out competing them. I train my shrinks to experiment on themselves and each other, they get pride (or gain honour in the east) in what they achieve this way, unlike those who experiment on people. This is my own technique for sparring that I train my shrinks...

Sparring 101

1. You and a partner take it in turns; one being the attacker, one being the defender. You will swap these roles every ten minuites.

2. The attacker attacks. If it is a successful strike the action is repeated exactly and the defender gets another chance to do things differently.

3. If the attack is a failure the attacker gets another go at his attack and the defender uses the same defence so the attacker can find a way around it.

4. Any new ability should be passed on to your partner when you learn it.

- You can build up chains of actions you have done; combos, slowly making the bouts more complex (I favour this) or you can stick to short bouts with a smaller number of attacks and defenceive moves each.

-My sparring technique is primarily designed for learning new abilities, keep this in mind, this increases knowledge and adaptability. It can be used to refine known abilities, this increases speed and concentration. 

-You can spar with the rule you cannot use any known ability (while on attack, defence or both) if you want to encourage learning adaptability.  

- You can go through your techniques and ideas in slow motion with your partner if you want, this can help to start off with. 

- Remember to talk about ways around things and discuss what you could do.

- Remember to help your partner, your a team, rely on each other, the stronger you make them the stronger you will find yourself in the end.

-Feel free to do things your own way and build on what I teach.

This way isn't easier than experimenting on humans, it is harder but with a lot of benefits, it encourages you to get a lot better than what Nazis do. This is how me and Luke learnt.

'My shrinks are better than Nazis because they have to be'. Damion

p.s I would like to hear from my friends out there one day how my sparring technique can be applied to martial arts, I would find it interesting if it turns out to be useful.

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