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Monday, 11 April 2016

a little political engeneering idea

I've come up with a socio-political engineering idea to stop the things like what have happened here in the UK to stop people like Dave 'Dastardly' Cameron getting into power again....

Psychological profiling for members of parliament/government. Any party/group of people which took on this idea would have a massive advantage in an election, it would give insight into what an individual would do if put into power which voters would really like to see and it would generate lots of media coverage for the individual and party. Id buy a newspaper with them in. I would personally like to know if an individual would put interests of his country above his own interests for his career as an example. Any party taking this on would have an advantage over other parties and the idea would spread around the world simply as it is effective and it is what voters really want to know.

The profilers for this psych test would have to be independent from a country and maybe should be done by a professional who does not know who he is profiling. It would have to be a clever test that constantly changes to ensure the system cannot be learnt and manipulated.

I'm hoping this idea gets us back to what the Greeks intended democracy to be, it has become a profession too based around positioning, money, power and manipulation. The Greeks revered the intelligent and I'm sure great warriors and artists and the like rather than people more concerned with positioning and power. Psychological profiling would give us transparency of people we are actually putting into power and ensure we pick the right leaders for our countries. Damion  

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