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Friday, 18 December 2015

Physics idea on higher dimensions

I read it is thought other higher dimensions exist. I guess the Big Bang may have gone past the energy up to +4 dimension can contain, I'm guessing the maths doesn't add up how the universe is stuck together. Dimension forms a transverse wave,I've worked that much out. My theory is if higher dimensions exist they would have to form transverse waves of their own so there will be sixteen dimensions on top of our own, twenty in total. I'm still playing with this idea. Here's a page from my notebook on the idea, I've nearly finished my notebook, it's getting a bit grubby, I've Been carrying it round with me since 13.6.13. Damion
Please excuse the mistake where I write a 20 Ⓓ field on the second page, I meant to write 16. Dimensional fields organise 4,16,64 ect up until there is no energy. I guess potentials might exist. D

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