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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Ⓣemporal mechanics

                  emporal Theory

 (infinite improbable) has no mass, it takes energy to propel mass to gain volocity. Having no mass it takes no energy to propel mass to velocity, there is nothing to hold volocity back. This propels ⓘ to infinate volocity. I think  having no energy means it can't move, but I also think it having no mass it moves infinitely fast existing everywhere at once, it can do this because there is no time. I think in the Higgs field time stops where as in the nothing there is no time so everything happens infinitely fast/at once allowing  to exist at both one point and also everywhere within its range/speed limit at once. I think ⓘ exists as both a field (the  potential field) and a non moving particle (the  potential particle), I say potential as they don't exist they only have a potential. I'm going to call this universal constant (the speed of the i field) Phoenix's constant (Pc) after my son who I'm trying to get to and his brothers and sisters I know are out there).

I am starting to look at velocity as a fundamental force in reality rather than it being just particles moving through the Higgs field. Volocity seems to be present in the nothing, black holes (field compressed matter) seem to suggest gravity can exist there as well.

Temporal equations-

This is an equation explaining the physics of ...

Mass ( ) x Speed (Phoenix's constant)= Energy (of a nothing field)

Lol, is it like the theory of Relativity.... E=mPc2
Pc2=Phoenix's constant squared

Part of Temporal theory is 0=infinity. can the equation be...

0/infinate (mass) x 0/Pc (speed) = 0/infinate (energy)

Omg, black holes/singularities are infinitely small and have infinate mass. This gives a route into my equation...

0 (mass of the nothing)/infinate (mass it takes to form a singularity) x 0 (speed of the ⓘ particle)/Pc (speed of the i field)= E

It's the other way around!

0 (mass) x Pc2 (speed)= E (of the ⓘ field)


Infinate (mass) x 0 = E (the ⓘ particle)

I think the  field is the carrier of gravitational energy and and the  particle is the source of gravitational energy both existing simultaneously at one infinitely small point and everywhere at once.

I would like to work out what number/speed Phoenix's constant actually is, I know it will be measured in miles per zero. I'm no good at damn maths tho. I think if gravitational force builds up enough it will reach its limit at Phoenix's constant.

I think creating a point that surpasses the threshold of Phoenix's constant will reach the critical point where a Temporal tear in our universe forms, an area of minus one dimension in our space time. Groovy... 

Mass x Pc> = Energy necessary to create Ⓣ / a Temporal field

Ⓣ= Anti Temporal particles

I call this physics I'm working on all Temporal physics but strictly speaking it covers dimensional physics where my work started (the physics of dimension), potential physics (the physics of the nothing) and Temporal physics that I'm working on now (the physics of minus 1 dimension), it's all work in progress, I do plan to do some official work on all this for 'my work' page soon.

Damion 15.12.15

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