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Friday, 18 December 2015

Adolf Hitler and bad guy syndrome

I've come to a conclusion, I think Adolf Hitler developed what I call 'bad guy' syndrome (as I don't know the correct syndrome). It's the disorder I've noted in MI6 and MI5 agents that they have got from experimenting on/torturing people. They become obsessive, scatty, immoral, mean, addicted to abuse, addicted to sexual abuse, have no empathy apart from for other bad guys, develop a lust for power and I've noted form gangs. 

I think Adolf Hitler developed this very same syndrome, I've never read 'Mein Kampf' (I'm not going to read a book written by such a moron) but I'm betting it sheds a lot of light on this, I bet he learnt to be an abuser basically. I'd bet money that he had it, he had a lot of the traits I've listed.

The Second World War was caused by one single person with this syndrome who was allowed to get into a position of power. Now we have a world where this disorder on the rise because of what is happening to us Autistics and also plenty of neurotypicals in the name of money and science. The organisations doing these things have a lot of power, this is dangerous. The people ordering these things like Tony Blair and David Cameron could well be subject to the pressures of this disorder also, as an example of cause and symptom David Cameron committed genocide flooding the world market with my Semen exactly two years ago this month to curb Autistic disappearances and save his own skin.

Those in positions of power who read my blog should listen to this one, I really don't want to be in a position to say I told you so. I've done my bit to fix this disorder and with good results if you need the work/techniques I guess you know what to do. I've done my best. Damion

.......Please pay attention to the signs.......

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