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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

New Tech/Important new post on my notebook blog

I've just put quite a few pages from my notebook on my notebook blog at-

I posted a few months ago about mi6 suppressing the memory of some technology I thought of (a quantum generator), I wasn't happy...So I got to work with my notebook, I just put online what I've come up with.

There is an idea from a personal project I put up that is a present to NASA, ESA, China, Russia and India. It's an idea to get materials into orbit cheaply, you will have to do the maths for me to see if it is workable, my idea might pay off. If it works your welcome guys :-)

On a more personal note, i have a good shrink/s out there that is the guest of one of my readers, he's confident, bright and very good at what he does. My personal view is you should never leave a man behind. I'm hoping my ideas are worth his/their return, I am in hope this is a fair trade. I hope this post finds my readers well.

Damion /bows

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