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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mi5 update and the frequency of bacterium

I've found out the female psychiatrist in her mid 50's MI5 has sent in is a paedophile/has abused at least one child, you wouldn't think women would do such things, it's hard to believe. She reacts badly/with guilt to my hacking her, at least she feels bad about this. I'm hoping it's the 'bad guy syndrome' you get from extensively abusing people and not my hypnosis that has caused the high rates of peadophillia in MI6 and seemingly MI5, in MI6 it's most of the males believe. People around the world need to be aware either way, I hope it isn't my hypnosis. I want my job developing abilities to take the competition out of the market in Autistic and child experimentation/sexual experimentation. I'm not impressed with MI5, because they haven't had access to me they are literally ten years behind MI6, if we're not careful we will end up with copy cat experiments all around the world with people thinking their getting results when the work has been vastly superseded. MI5 have proven the work needs someone with who is a hypnotic savant, other people including Autistics simply lack the capacity to do such things, I've reorganised their impression of what results are as they put it. I could see them trying to get control of me to compete, the paedophile ring in mi6 was trying that a bit back. Ripley and Jane won't be happy about the female shrink, she's their friend, she's being doing experiments on dogs and a child younger than two tonight, she's obsessed with scientifically useless experiments. I learnt a new frequency today, I had an eye infection once, when I looked up at the sky I saw all these blobs moving on the surface of the eye (try looking at the sky and sometimes you can see these multi cellular 'creatures' moving on the surface of your eye). I remembered what the squigilling eye infection looked like, MI6 slowly grew the gen of the bacterium, it turns out I learnt their quantum signature. They are doing experiments on it, the same as usual they are trying to suppress this ability so they are the only ones which have it. Creating a competitive market in Autistic brain waves is genocide in itself. Damion

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