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Saturday, 13 December 2014

My physics work&our world needs to adapt comment

Ive put some more scans from my notebook up, click the link at the top to see it. It describes two energies in physics I've theorised (as best I can), understanding the brain leads to understanding a lot of Quantum Physics. I've called one of these energies 'The infinite improbability Particle'; it fits as a name because of the non existence of said particle, it has no energy, no mass, it can only be observed when it breaks its own governing laws, it is an improbable particle due to the fact it does and does not exist. It could lead to a lot in decades to come. 

A comment my situation 
I have a good view point of some of the things that will come in the next few years and decades for us all being involved with Spectral Hypnosis. There are going to be more and more innovations that effect us all as a planet, from artificial intelligence to engineered virus to electromagnetic virus to machines that control you like a robot to temporal technology and of course weapons of war. 

I've come to this conclusion; It's now we all need to really start working together, my idea would be to use my hypnosis, it's something that effects all societies around the world, all societies need to adapt, things will go wrong with it but it is a common cause, we could turn a crisis into an opportunity for us all to work together. If we could just all agree on a few things with it I'm sure it would lead to good things. I have a plan I should put up at some point here (I've thought a lot on this subject).

Just to add with regard to me putting my work online when it could be related to a power source, I have come to a conclusion; My recent work won't be able to be applied to technology for quite some time, if we arnt all working together by then to a good degree I could see it not mattering. Also I'd rather share my ideas with the world rather than Nazis benefit. Damion

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