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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Making the Parkinson's machine Quantum tech

I came up with an idea about a year ago to turn the Parkinson's machine into Quantum technology. This machine breaks hydrogen bonds in proteins that make up all our cells, it relaxes the human body on a cellular level (this is why babies have really relaxed soft skin and muscles and are so flexible), it works in a similar fashion to getting your hair permed but it's the proteins in the rest of your body not your hair that become relaxed....

OMG I just thought, what if we mimic a perm! Ok, with a perm you relax the hydrogen bonds, then you put curlers in, they hydrogen bonds are replaced and your hair is curly. We might be able to do that with cells, we break the bonds in cells, then when relaxed we tense up muscles, we then let the hydrogen bonds reform. I'm sure this principle  can be applied to a lot. I've thought wrinkles from ageing is a gap between skin cells forming, so the hydrogen bond machine wouldn't fix it alone, this idea might help get rid of wrinkles. Back to my post now...

Here is the concept for the protein manipulation tech followed by a list of variables you can alter to make different Quantum fields, the aim will be to recreate the field conditions our body's waves create to artificially stimulate the given process i.e to mimic the delta brain wave producing enough ions to keep neuro receptors open when there are deficiencies. The human body and mind is the blue print for our quantum field/end result.

Basic concepts of the device

-We place a lot of radio wave producing devices/bugs in a casing. This will form the backbone of our physical net of materials for our energy to interact with. 

-We run a current through the bugs to create waves.This is our electric net.

-We have an electromagnetic field over the case, our bugs emit waves, when the waves reach equilibrium (their happy place as I call it) it converts the waves energy to photons, our photons traveling through our electromagnetic field will create virtual photons, these will behave by traveling to the higher frequencies. This forms our machines electromagnetic net.

-We have a master bug at a higher frequency, the virtual photons we create will head here, they always flow towards a higher frequency. This forms our machines quantum net.

-We have a receiver bug at the same frequency as the master bug, the near field effect makes the virtual photons jump to the receiver. Then our machine will work through a simple radio wave bug like the one that keeps me alive.

-If the field has the right characteristics the receiver bug implanted near the left cerebellum it will stop the nerve death associated with Parkinson's by breaking hydrogen bonds in the neuro receptors as well as being able to do much more.

Variables for the device
These are variables we can alter to create our target field characteristics.

-Nano engineered metal shapes, tiny filings we can use to create different waves by running electricity through them. The smaller the tech the more photon to virtual photon conversion we can get for our end result/quantum field.

-We can run the electrical current with different characteristics through our bugs.

-We can create an Electromagnetic field we hold over our bugs with different characteristics to create our virtual photons. We could power the device with this field instead of electric.

-Virtual photons exist for different lengths of time, the lower the hz involved in creating them the longer they exist so the further they can travel. This will be a key factor in design, personality tells us a lot about this, also, you can use my hypnosis to create a delta phoenix stone, you will find you need to collapse them faster demonstrating how low frequency virtual photons also travel more quickly.

-We can vibrate our casing/bugs at different Hz to create more virtual photons.

-A new idea- The physical net- We could perhaps use a material/fluid that holds ions (like what neuro transmitters do) in the main caseing or incorporated into our bugs design/actually inside our bugs to alter field characteristics. This physical net for the machine could hold energy from the electric, electromagnetic and quantum nets for our machine.

-idea on the machines physical net- We could use osmosis to move our artificial neurotransmitters through our bugs casing to alter field characteristics. We could Even create pathways for our neurotransmitters to flow down, an artificial neural net of sorts (an important concept), I think this may be superior to creating an artificial net from magnetised metal filings/micro components.

-we could use lasers and mirrors/crystals (diamond structure is uniformal right) to create the right photons to put through our electromagnetic field to create our virtual photons, this would be a different way to do this or a way to complement this. The Americans are lining up a billion lasers for a ten year project to this ends. MI6 told me they scrapped the project after I came up with these ideas. I just feel sorry for the poor guy who had to set them all up, that's a lot of lazers to have to take down.

Merry Christmas luv Damion 25/12/2014

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