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Thursday, 30 October 2014

A physics idea ect

Have just been doing some research to help with my physics work. Only some basic principles but it's what a Theta finds most useful I've found. If you want to read here's the link.

 I'm sure dark matter and dark energy proves my theory that our universe/s are structured like an atom, with a positive and neutral core and a negative surrounding field. I'm not sure if the CIA are trying to come out with some of my better ideas before me. I just read a theory I thought of over a year ago about reality containing many universes, the site says they are pressed together like bubbles which I think is the wrong way to look at it, my theory is 'the nothing' fills this gap, there is no time and space there, you would have to dig a tunnel with the actual energy from dimension and dig a very very long way indeed to get to the next universe.

If someone in the past few weeks has suddenly come up with a theory of a temporal effect creating our universe id be pretty sure they are nabbing my better ideas. I wouldn't be to bothered if it wasn't such evil people benefiting. I should put some of my notebook up maybe, (I'm thinking the CIA doesn't like being outdone).

My basic equation on this temporal effect is below, it originally came from something I first thought about as a teenager believe it or not, I was trying to understand this Big Bang I'd heard about at school, apparently with there being nothing before it. My idea was-

0 x infinity = something

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