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Saturday, 19 April 2014

My theory on feminine intuition

I've always wanted to train shrinks from all around the world, and a lot of them would undoubtedly be women, so I've been trying to understand more about the strengths of the feminine mind (the fem-brain as I playfully call it). I've come to a conclusion about this my girly readers might find of interest.

A girl can often know something, be sure about it, but not be entirely sure why she knows this. A woman will often call this her feminine intuition. I've come to the conclusion that this is a by product of the multi tasking abilities of the female mind (this is to do with the multiple twists at the top of the super ego that are not present in males). This means more strings in the super ego are active in the female thought process. Sometimes during the multitasking thought process a string in the super ewill or consciously connected to the thought process at hand, the female wont consciously be aware of this, this can make her sure she knows something but not be entirely sure why. A girl will often go with her feminine intuition to her benefit. Feminine intuition is a kind of fluid intelligence, this can be likened to jumps of thinking. So girls when you get that feeling you know something but are not entirely sure why, think twice (your fem-brain is trying to tell you something).

I'd very much like to find out ways to help my female shrinks develop their feminine intuition but my current situation means this can't really happen yet. I'm just hoping the world soon finds out about my hypnosis. This is becomming more and more important. My shrinks as I call them, the people with my hypnosis have a little too much power, the citizens of the world knowing will take some of this away. D

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