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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Inner strength

I've come up with a way to teach something important to one of my mi6 shrinks, in fact more than one of them. Its nothing they could use for the wrong reasons. It's a simple emotional exercise that leads to more than what you think as  someone put it. This is something I learnt to help deal with a trauma. I learnt about finding this emotion many years ago, before this all started, I might write about it some day. 

MI6 have only recently learnt how useful it is, as I write this they are trying to suppress this emotion so I can't help others with it (idiots as per usual but at least I know it's helped some people).

Many years ago I taught Luke about inner and outer strength. He's tough on the outside but I worried about strength on the inside. How he would cope if someone got benieth his armour. He does a dangerous job after all. I tried to demonstrate to him what this was like, I went to gently punch him, but I went Beneith his tummy and back a bit to his center and said 'that's what it's like'. 

This particular emotion comes from inside the tummy, a few inches back from just below the belly button. I teach an emotional exercise related to this. It will be much harder to learn from reading my post compared to in person though. I teach to put your chin up, your chest out and i find saying 'strength' when i do this helps, you let the emotion flow up from that point in the bottom middle of your body. Focusing the emotion coming up and lifting the chin a little. 

Us men tend to have more external strength and its women that tend to have more internal strength. It's something some of us guys (and some girls) can learn that really can help.

It's a simple technique that really can help. I hope some of my shrinks out there find it helps people. I try and not teach things to MI6 obviously, but if it helps someone i don't mind so much. D

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