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Thursday, 22 August 2013

A comment on Sigmund Freud (the real first Quantum Hypnotist)

I might call myself the first quantum hypnotist but it has become obvious I am not the first person to see personality, there may be others but I know of one person before me who saw it; Sigmund Freud. It is obvious from his work, he based psycho-dynamic theory on thermodynamics, there are also other clues in his work I've been told, he even believed in telepathy.

He suddenly stopped using hypnosis at around the turn of the century, this must have been when he saw personality, an entire century ago. I do wonder what he thought seeing such a thing before quantum mechanics existed. It must have scared him but I'm sure like me he was awe struck. Personality is beautiful, a true wonder of nature. 

It has been suggested to me there is probably a letter in someones keeping that Freud wrote for when the world was ready, I don't know if this is the case, it would make for an interesting read. Freud decided to keep what he saw secret, he must have thought this hypnosis was too dangerous for the world to know of in his time. Did he leave a letter? Did he even leave diagrams? I wonder.

 It is ironic nearly a century after Freud's plight with the Nazi's I find myself also fighting Nazis. History seems to be repeating, we have a potential master race, we have a people suffering because of their genes, and we have an entire world that it effects.

So after all this time the world will finally get to know the truth,a century old secret, of what Sigmund Freud based his work on. I think we should think well of Sigmund, if the Nazi's had found out what he could do under hypnosis they could have gained abilities like ours, the war could have easily gone the other way. The world would be a very different place indeed.

Sigmund Freud- 
    may 6. 1856 September 23. 1939

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