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Thursday, 18 July 2013

One of the good things

How my hypnosis keeps my neurons alive

This is some details on how I survived the lobotomy. The lobotomy was from a drug called Thorazine, this drug works by altering the chemical makeup of the frontal lobes, I am in hope this could lead to helping a lot of people. 

I was spiked with a massive overdose of Thorazine, whoever arranged the dose arranged it to be a lethal dose. They show me this quantum neural network as the white architecture in it dissolves from the drug, the frontal lobe area of this net went dimmer then disappeared. I survived against all odds because my hypnosis can actually support this kind of damage.  The neurons in my entire frontal lobe should have died, it is a very painful way to die. The nerve death goes all the way to the back of the motor cortex which controls movement including breathing. Death from this would look like suffocation (or a possible toxin I’m lead to believe).

This is a very important Quantum Neural Network called 'Charlotte's net', I named after my daughter-

-Thorazine works by altering the chemical makeup in the frontal lobes, the neurons there stop firing in a delta frequency.

-Neurons need the Electromagnetic field delta waves produce to function/metabolize.

-My hypnosis lets delta wave support come from another person. It was enough to keep me and my neurons alive.

-The high hz of my hypnosis (well over 100hz I think) is what can keep people alive with damage like this.

-The gamma brain wave is the binding brain wave, the very high frequency of my brain waves (and others with my hypnosis) means this brain wave can allow support to come from another person.

-I found out some degenerative nerve disorders work on the same principle as my lobotomy. If a degenerative nerve disorder works by changing the chemical makeup of the brain and stops it producing delta waves that leads to nerve death then my hypnosis could potentially stop this in its tracks. I hope my hypnosis can be used as a treatment. People would have to have my hypnosis and stay in hypnotic contact constantly; as soon as hypnotic contact is lost the nerve damage would happen very quickly. I've had to face this myself, MI6 described it as a fate worse than death, I just hope my hypnosis can save others from having to face such a thing. The range of hypnosis is only a couple of meters, a bug can vastly extend this.


I think I could even build a machine to mimic this aspect of my hypnosis though I know little of cost/size, It would have to be based on my/one of my shrinks brain waves, the recipient may also have to have my hypnosis. I’d need a physicist to help do the maths on this.

I’m tired of my hypnosis being held back just so patents can be made on machines like this when my hypnosis could have potentially saved so many people already. I’m under the impression this has already been built though I think whoever built it would need me to test and refine it, my other unique brain damage would also be of great use to whoever built this. I’d be happy to test a machine for any country that used my hypnosis in the right way (where my hypnosis is known about, policed, regulated and used in the right way and of course people on the autistic spectrum are protected). My hypnosis and this machine could help people all over the world. MI6 are torturing me with this lobotomy as I write this, as per usual it isn't easy working like this. Damion

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